Monday, 28 December 2009

What is Maitri Matters?

I have launched 'Maitri Matters' in the hope that it will become a useful resource for practising buddhists, warriors of compassion or for anyone in search of spiritual inspiration and practical guidance for the modern world.

'Maitri Matters' is an interactive platform for sharing spiritual teachings, advice, stories, music, film and art. I hope that this platform will attract spiritualists from around the world, and that a 'Maitri Matters' community will grow and develop.

I guess I launched 'Maitri Matters' to further my own practice, but I also feel that whilst the internet is rich in spiritual information - not much of it is useful for the modern day, nor is it all in one place and accessible/editable by a like-minded community.

Much Love and Maitri!




  1. Maitri is probably the most important Buddhist idea to work with, I think. When I am loving and patient with myself, it is much easier for me to extend the same to others. Congratulations on getting this started. I wish you success!

  2. What a wonderful interaction over the internet waves. I agree with Susan, when I befriend myself with gentleness and compassion, the ripples extend way beyond me. I wish you many more interactions . . .

  3. I think this invitation comes to me by divine timing. We all, our world, needs so much gentleness and compassion !! Infinite love and thanks !

  4. Thank you for offering this blog...Pema is my teacher...I understand and live Maitri because of her...I'm so grateful to share this with you!

  5. Thank you for this. Softening and opening the heart is - I think - the foundation of all the teachings. Pema is a wonderful teacher and example. Here's to a fantastic 2010 and beyond with this blog!

  6. I agree with Berit, this invitation comes at a perfect time for me as well. I was looking to deepen my practice (Amit are you part of the mindfulness facebook site?) and this gives me direction to do so. Thank you. I am a social work professor and we are bringing these concepts into our counselling courses to help our students help themselves, so they can deepen their compassion for others.

    Peace and Gratitude.

  7. thank you for posting this. i've been listening to pema while driving around L.A. for four years now, so it's great to see the woman in person. her teachings have changed my life. maitri, especially for self, is a constant practice. but it does have a definite positive effect on my relationships! let it begin with me!

  8. Thank you Amit. Will be following. I am a Mahayana Buddhist, but we all are united in the same philosophy of loving-kindness (Metta). Amituofo!

  9. Thank you Amit for taking the time to put this together .. I am certain it will be a wonderful resource to me and to others like me :)

    I will be following!!

    In peace and Metta